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2015 Oklahoma Sequoyah Book Award List

The Sequoyah Administrative Team and the Pioneer Library System are proud to announce the following books for the 2015 Oklahoma Sequoyah Book Award Masterlists. Voting for the winner begins in February, so check out these great books before voting              begins.                                                                                                                        

Children’s (Grades 3-6)                                                                     

                Title                                                     Author

  •  Sailing to Freedom            -               Martha Bennett Stiles
  • Little Dog Lost                    -               Marion Dane Bauer
  • Adventures of Beanboy     -               Lisa Harkrader
  • King of the Mound              -              Wes Tooke
  • Freaky Fast Frankie Joe    -             Leticia Clifton
  • Sinister Sweetness of Splendid Academy - Nikki Loftin
  • Seven Tales of Trinket          -           Shelley Moore Thomas
  • Hiss-s-s                                    -           Eric A. Kimmell
  • Capture the Flag                   -           Kate Messner
  • The One and Only Ivan        -           Katherine Applegate
  • Secret Chicken Society        -           Judy Cox
  • Double Dog Dare                  -           Lisa Graff
  • Kizzy Ann Stamps                -          Jeri Watts
  • Brothers at Bat                     -          Audrey Vernick
  • Alex the Parrot                      -         Stephanie Spinner
  • To be eligible to Read any of the 2015 Sequoyah books you need to register your Name and you will also be eligible to VOTE.
  • You need to read a least 3 Books, and Write a Book report on any one of the Books you read.
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